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This year’s Y5 & Y6 Cross Country Festival was the last one this young lady will compete in for Birdwell Primary – and what a star she has been for us, competing in this event since she was in Y1, and winning every year through to Y6.  We are so proud of the true grit she shows at every single festival, she attacks the event with her natural aptitude for this event,  pure determination and focus, she applies her strategy just before she takes to the course.  Our competitors always know before they take to the course just how proud we are of them just for ‘having a go’ at this race, as the distance is extremely long over natural terrain such as mud and usually wet grass, through woodlands which is tricky underfoot with minor obstacles of tree roots underfoot.  This doesn’t deter this young lady, she isn’t just happy with ‘having a go’.  She is not without ambition and drive, and with all her mental strength and determination, she reaches the finish line first – every time!

We wish her well in her last year at Birdwell and hope she goes on to inspire other people as much as she has during her time in primary school when she reaches secondary and beyond.  Her outstanding performances in this sport are legendary and will be talked about for years to come.  Well done CW, your sports coaches are extremely proud of your achievements so far, I’m absolutely sure this won’t be the last we hear about you.


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