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It is no surprise that the required elements of walking, running, throwing and catching a ball that cricket needs, impact and develop the gross motor skills of children.  Gross motor skills are those that involve large muscle groups, coordination and balance.  Today we saw various skill sets of our girls as the day progressed, and so did they.  Their attention to the game grew stronger as did their strategic plans, with their ‘ I cant’s’ turning into ‘I cans’.  Even during their lunch break, they were practising their bowling and batting techniques which were quite inspiring to watch.

A super day of sport, even though the scoring was somewhat to be desired, with little consistency of umpires and the fact that a team can win nearly all their games and finish 6th in the placings, beating all the teams that won medals.  This didn’t spoil the day for our resilient sportswomen though, they left the sports ground smiling after having a great day of cricket, learning a new skill set and forging new friendships with girls from the partnership schools.




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