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Transition morning maths

  • Year 3

This morning, we have recapped our knowledge about the properties of 2D shapes.

We then had to use art straws and pipe-cleaners to make the shapes. It was important to collect the correct number of sides and corners before we started…

HOWEVER! This wasn’t as straightforward as it seemed and we had to use much more sophisticated vocabulary in order to ensure we had the right resources to make the shapes accurately:

1. We found that the length of side mattered. Some shapes needed longer or shorter sides. Some needed sides of exactly the same length so we had to use scissors to make sure this happened!
2. We found that some corners needed to be right-angles but some needed to be greater or smaller than right angles. Placing the corner bends next to our shape mat helped make sure our corners were the correct angle.
3. We found that even if we used the correct number of sides and corners, we hadn’t necessarily made the regular version of the shape. IF we made an irregular shape, we had to investigate how we could make it regular by changing the length of the sides or the angle of the corners.

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