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We experimented with the feel of the racquet moving it from a backhand volley and a forehand stroke position.  We introduced a ball to the racquet to see how many times we could hit the ball, then we moved to hit a ball to our partner to see if we could get a rally just to practice the tennis fundamentals, to be able to improve our game exponentially.

Playing tennis provides many benefits to both the mind and body. It improves hand-eye coordination, balance, and agility. Like most rigorous physical activity, the footwork and upper body movement involved in tennis can help keep you healthy and in shape and reduce stress.

Tennis techniques require quick thinking and strategizing.  It improves problem-solving skills and critical thinking—like when to time a split-step from the ready position, how to shift body weight, when to hit cross-court or down the line, or when to go for an overhead smash.

Along with these benefits, tennis requires at least two players for a match, which means it also trains social skills, and if you’re playing doubles – teamwork skills.

We had quite a bit of fun in our first lesson.










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